This is the best app android to prank your friends that you can hack the WiFi networks.This app have software for making jokes with friends about WiFi networks hacks.This is not a harmful software, but it is very useful for fun and entertainment.Prank that you can unlock any protected WiFi network.Hava very fancy animations but does not contains any software that can do any influence od WEP or WPA2 security. It just presents beautiful graphical animations and images. This application will never find the network key but it will give you a feeling that it does some discovering on the network key. It doesn't change anything if the security is AES/CCMP encryption or some other encryption, cause this have no influince on the animation.Also no mather of the type of internet connection or the type of the router that is present, the animations are the same.The best wifi hacking joke software for android at the market.This is joke app to prank your friends. You can take the phone and go to someonehome and run this app pretending that you will hack his security password but this is NOT a software that can find password it just contains animations
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